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Getting Through Divorce One Day at a Time

Pulling yourself together during a divorce isn't always easy, especially if you don't want to lose your spouse in the first place. But if your spouse doesn't feel the same about you, you need to find a way to move on. Learning what to expect during and after divorce may help you overcome the negative emotions you feel. My blog offers many tips on how to handle the challenges of divorce, child custody and alimony. By learning to cope with your impending divorce, you have the power to meet life head on and win. Good luck and thank you for visiting.

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3 Critical Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney During the First Meeting

Seeking a divorce can be stressful, overwhelming, emotional, and frightening. If you're not adequately prepared, it could also have long-term legal, financial, and family consequences — like losing all your assets or not being able to see your kids. This is why it's important to have an experienced divorce attorney beside you as you navigate this difficult time. 

Once you have hired an attorney, there will be a first meeting where you get to know each other and discuss your case. Below are three important questions to ask during this first meeting. 

How Will We Communicate Going Forward?

Regular communication with your divorce attorney is critical for a successful case. Determine which communication channels to use, whether phone calls, emails, in-person meetings, or video conferencing. Ideally, use different channels, depending on the situation and the information being conveyed. If you're just passing some simple information, a short email may work just fine, but deep conversations on child support may require extensive in-person meetings. 

Also, inquire whether you'll be communicating with the attorney's support staff, such as a legal assistant or paralegal. And if so, what aspects of the case will they be handling? When the communication channels are properly defined, you'll both navigate the case without any hitches. 

How Does Billing Work?

Most people are afraid to talk about money, so you might as well bring it up first. Attorneys should be transparent about their fee structure and their hourly rate. This allows you to determine if you can afford their services. 

You could also discuss with your attorney whether there are ways you can save up on the costs. For example, it may be more cost-efficient to compile all the questions that arise during the day or week and ask them over one phone call instead of calling your attorney almost every other minute. 

How Can Someone Reduce Their Divorce Costs?

There are various ways you can use to reduce your divorce costs. For example, if you and your partner are willing to settle your issues amicably, you could file for an uncontested divorce to avoid high litigation costs. In this case, both of you will develop a settlement agreement and submit it to the court for consideration. You may still need an attorney to guide you through the paperwork and ensure your partner doesn't have an unfair advantage. 

However, if you and your partner disagree on any critical issue, the matter becomes contested, and the only option may be to argue your case during a trial and wait for the judge's verdict. The representation of a divorce attorney will be key in improving your case outcomes. 

To learn more, contact a divorce attorney near you.