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Getting Through Divorce One Day at a Time

Pulling yourself together during a divorce isn't always easy, especially if you don't want to lose your spouse in the first place. But if your spouse doesn't feel the same about you, you need to find a way to move on. Learning what to expect during and after divorce may help you overcome the negative emotions you feel. My blog offers many tips on how to handle the challenges of divorce, child custody and alimony. By learning to cope with your impending divorce, you have the power to meet life head on and win. Good luck and thank you for visiting.


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Answering A Few Questions About DUI Charges

It is an unfortunate reality that many people will eventually find themselves facing a criminal charge for driving under the influence. This is a potentially serious charge that can have drastic consequences to your life. As a result, it is critical for you to be as informed as possible about these proceedings and the steps that you will need to take to protect your rights. To this end, the following answers to a few questions may prove to be particularly useful.

Will Your License Automatically Be Suspended?

One of the consequences that can result from being arrested for a DUI is that your license may be suspended or revoked. Unfortunately, many people assume that this is an unavoidable outcome. However, it should be noted that it might be possible to file an appeal with the DMV to prevent or delay this outcome. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for you to prepare a convincing case for this appeal without professional help. For this reason, you will want to contact an attorney as soon as possible so that the appeal process can begin. Once the DMV has officially suspended your license, there will be little that can be done until the case has been resolved.

Is There Help For Those That Can Not Afford The Services Of A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is one of the wisest courses of action that you can take after being arrested for this offense. Unfortunately, many people may avoid retaining the services of an attorney due to fears of being unable to afford these professionals. Luckily, this is not the case as there are many defense attorneys that will work with clients to create a payment plan that they can afford. Additionally, it may be possible to have the court appoint a public defender to represent you during these matters, but there are often income tests designed to measure your ability to pay. You will need to pass these tests in order to be appointed a public defender.

How Long Will It Take For The DUI Case To Be Resolved?

Not surprisingly, many people will want to have their case resolved as soon as possible. However, it is a reality that the court system can be rather slow to resolve criminal matters. Therefore, it may take many months or years before your case is finally resolved, and this will not include appeals if any are needed. Sadly, there is little that can be done to expedite this process. However, your attorney will be handling the majority of the work involved with your defense, which can help your life proceed as normally as possible.